Part 0 : introduction

In the introduction you will see the fight of a team against a mysterious man. This man is vanquished and disappears in a light that flies away. He arrives in a temple where people lock him in two magic necklaces and the man leaves. So begins the game ...

Part 1: Cress and Chester

Village of Toltus
Apple Gel
Stuffed Cress

Kind Brother (Chester)                                           

You start the game in the skin of Cless, the hero of the game. You are part of a village where you train warriors to fight and defend the village. You meet Cless and Chester, two inseparable friends. Chester lives in the village with his sister and Cless with his parents. Cless's father is the village master and trains the young fighters.

After this little intro, you'll gain control of Cress in the peaceful Village of Toltus. Before
you leave the village, your mother will hand over some Apple Gel.


Let's bug an old man. He never said anything in the scene and Cress mentioned him by name twice so let's see what he knows about things.

Oh, and since we're here let's check out an easily missed optional scene!

 If you'd like to get
more stuff before the departure, head to Chester's house right below yours. Go up to
the second floor and talk to Ami, Chester's sister, to get a Stuffed Cress. How sweet.

If you haven't had enough, enter the Goalie across the bridge near the entrance and talk
to the old man at the reception to receive an Apple. This apple, however, is not for you,
but for Ami, so head back to Chester's house and give the apple to Ami to earn the title
of Kind Brother.

 There's finally nothing left in town, so let's go hunting!

Life Bottle
Orange Gel

There's a town to the north and it actually has shops we can buy things in rather than ones that are here just for show.

If you're low on supplies, buy some Apple Gels from the merchant at the entrance. Now we'll take care of that statue next to him.

Press A while pushing the statue to move it back. You can now follow the path behind it, so do so until you get to a chest and a bag containing a Life Bottle and an Orange Gel north of there. Once you've
got 'em, head west to end back up on the world map.


Cabbage Roll  

 Walk north and enter the City of Euclid.

When you arrive here, go to the food shop and talk to the chef to receive the recipe
for Cabbage Roll.

We came all this way to buy a new bow for Chester. 

Life Bottle
Knight's Saber (Toltus)

As you enter the forest, you'll spot a wild boar.

Go after it, then head north into the east path to find a chest containing a Life Bottle.

Now follow the boar south, east, then north to discover a huge tree where Cress will have a vision.

 The wild boar will then attack you, so get ready. After you have killed it, you can go to the left of the tree and read the stone slab there.

After the fight, you'll hear the village's alarm, so hurry back to it to find out what's going on. You'll arrive only to find out something terrible happened to the village.

 Go to the top of the village and cross the bridge on the left to find your dead father and your dying mother who asks you to flee the village to go to your uncle Euclid.


Go inside Cress' house and on the second floor, look at the right of the stairway to find a sword, the Knight's Saber. Equip it to Cress.