.Melfand Stories is a side-scrolling beat'm up published by Ascii. The kingdom of Melfand is under siege by fearsome monsters. The evil Nomolwa and his subordinates usurped the power to rule over the country - its last hope lies in a group of four warriors and the desperate defenders embark on a quest to reclaim the kingdom from the usurpers. .

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Each hero comes with his own personal melee weapon - El uses a sword, Corse a spear, Lenin a magic rod and Nora a leather whip. Our heroes can also collect magic spells along the way (from a list of four) and instantly use them against enemies - some blast lightning bolts while others unleash flying fire dragons. Interestingly, different paths are possible in the game and some stages actually branch out into secondary easier or harder routes, some even lead to bonus stages. The game also features a two-player co-op option.